Ecosystem Landuse and Nature

  “We are not creatures of circumstance; we are creators of circumstance” 

  • In developed countries,  landuse is managed – has been usually for centuries – to yield productive agriculture from wilderness scrub.
  • Managed  features can be soft, benign and sustainable, but can they remain natural ?
  • For the added benefit of, say, an Ecosystem Service, a natural feature will demand proactive design input.
  • Even more so to achieve multiple benefits. Model & design to create wellbeing.
  • Flood attenuation and biodiversity ‘corridors’ are two such benefits/services; when linked, they have particular potential.
  • Thus two support themes compete for flood vulnerable communities
        • Proactive managed ecosystem features to deliver attenuation
        • Reactive FRM ‘fire’-fighting by resilience.

 Above is illustrative of a tributary floodplain in an existing natural state . . .

Here ‘marked-up’ with  porous attenuation ecosystem features (aka dense wide hedgerows) .  Addition of such ‘Eco/NFM’ could be expected to yield increased flood storage in the region of 20% with minimal lateral impact.

The graphic below shows the CFD mesh of a 2D variable friction model of the Upper Severn in Mid Wales – the ‘worms’ being dense wide high friction hedgerows.

Ecosystem Service,  Sustainable, Flood, Attenuation,  Multiple Benefit, NEA_2011
Original quotation attributed to Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881)
The images above are illustrative only and do not depict precisely a real location.
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