IP of these reports, its derived data and developed graphics has been assigned to the Atrepo research group and is shared with communities and managers in pursuit of risk reduction and wellbeing.  The author and other organisations state routinely that they assume no responsibility or liability for the use or applicability of data and run-time files, nor are they obliged to offer technical support.  Phase 1 of the Project has been,  in general terms, ‘pro-bono’.  Elevation data derives primarily from Earth Explorer SRTM/X-SAR published resource resampled to 8, 16. 32 & 64m to enhance computation productivity. In some catchments,  this ‘open’ source is supplemented by higher resolution data from other academic/OS (ref Lic F33C.E551.9272.ECCF),  industry and communal licences/data-banks and  is acknowledged with thanks;  ultimately,  most UK marked-up mapping derives from granted distribution courtesy of national OS resource.

For the Upper Severn study particular thanks are due to the academic staff of Aberystwyth University for their support and their expert knowledge of river modelling techniques and of the Upper Severn catchment.  The Environment Agency Midlands Flood Risk and data teams assembled the data for the landuse modelling of phase 1,  and are thanked for their authoritative contribution to liaison meetings.  Members and landowners of the Powysland Internal Drainage Board (PIDB) are thanked for information regarding land drainage, for allowing access to the River Severn and for the mounting of benchmarks on their land.  The ongoing support and expertise of several UK and overseas academic groups is acknowledged, most recently in the assessment and valuation of the Multiple Benefits of high-friction floodplains.

The modelling code (Version 0.95a January 15 2010, © Copyright 2006) can be run courtesy River 2D authors P Steffler, A Ghanem, J. Blackburn and Z Yang, University of Alberta, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and United States Geological Survey. The programme is in the public domain.

The UK Environment Agency confirm from time to time at conference the policy shift to make available elevation and hydrometric data-sets for non commercial stakeholder study.

John Swogger  provided artwork from original sketches. Dr Hywel Griffiths kindly shared Upper Severn bathymetry data for cross reference.

January 2013


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