• Derived Data files relating to Phase 1 (volume study) are archived Here
  • A Summary of the initial experimental study is archived Here
  • The Severn floodplain volume study is archived Here (big file . . .  be patient please)
  • A recent Presentation is archived Here , or c/w text and graphics Here.
  • The ‘Wellbeing’ paper is archived Here
  • A illustrative gallery can be viewed Here (username:  ‘severn4’, Password: ‘poolquay’)
  • The diary of a current Q100 study is Here
  • A study of urban Dalmarnock is Here (book), and Here (film)
IP of this experimental study,  its derived data and developed graphics is assigned to George Whitworth and is shared now with communities and  catchment managers for public interest.  The author and other organisations state routinely that they assume no responsibility or liability for the use or applicability of data and run-time files, nor are they obliged to offer technical support.  

Phase 1 of the Project has been,  in general terms, ‘pro-bono’.  Original high resolution resource from several academic/OS (ref Lic F33C.E551.9272.ECCF),  industry and communal licences/data-banks is acknowledged with thanks;  ultimately,  most UK marked-up mapping derives from granted distribution courtesy of national OS resource.

1 Response to Archive

  1. Author says:

    Reasonable and determined efforts have been made to remove original (ie non derived) terrain, hydrometric and bathymetric data from this archive. Do let me know if anything has slipped through the net.

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