Header Random Images

Header 1: Severn/Vyrnwy confluence October 2008
Header 2: A typical high-friction floodplain element capable of creating a low ‘weir’ in flood flows.
Header 3: A stout dense porous structure.
Header 4: The benign (yellow) and loss-creating (red)  River Severn events in year 2000
Header 5: Upper Severn ‘natural’ attenuation (more . . .)
Header 6: A typical floodplain tributary marked up (more . . . )
Header 7: 2D Upper Severn land-use model. The ‘worms’ are soft-engineered high friction elements
Header 8: 2D Upper Severn land-use model showing roughness, channel and floodplain flows
Header 9: Graphic illustrating porous structures superimposed on conventional earthen embankments

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