A Parliamentary Question . .

re: Equitable Funding of  Natural Flood Defence within Water Supply 

Does Parliament see a role for the Private Water industry in the funding of sustainable flood defence along rivers which provide essential conveyance of water managed, primarily, for urban users ?   This question is posed (to the Select Committee on Flooding) against the background of similar National Energy  Supply obligations to sustainability through the funding of renewables.

  • This key framework aspect was not highlighted by Pitt; neither is there provision in the 2010 Act.
  • By way of example in Mid Wales, there is little evidence of balanced management of Lake Vyrnwy or of any flood attenuation provision alongside new ‘blue’ pipelines in the floodplain.
  • There is widespread acceptance that capital grant frameworks favour the provision of water industry hard assets rather than the deployment of equivalent natural methods.
  • In broad terms, 5-10% risk is catered for by legacy flood defence structures; 1.5% risk is covered by Insurance; between these two there is gap which undermines the wellbeing of comunities. Happily,  there are some 30 years to fill this gap in FRM – ideal for ‘sustainable’ systems.  (Top)
  1.                           Water  –   an Asset and a Liability 
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