Ongoing matters of interest and comment
  1. CIWEM & FRM  (20Mar12)
    • Water supply and flood risk – a marriage for 2012 ??
    • Both conveyed to the altar by UK Rivers
    • Environment Agency brief on “The Greening of Flood Risk Management”
  2. NFM Roll-out: Moorland; Farmed-Upland; Floodplains; Infrastructure; SUDS
    • max features for minimum impact
  3. Ecosystem Services
    • Paid ecosystem resource
    • Section 106 offset; PR09; PR14
    • CSF; Catchment Sensitive Farming
  4. Multiple Benefits from rural buffer-strips: a Welsh perspective.
  5. Outcome realization: Uncertainty v. Delivery
  6. 2D v 1D models; convergence v. divergence; anuga
  7. Run-off Attenuation:
    • 1D theory
    • Remote sensing of potential RAF locations; Perfect coursework for geographers
    • Networked research groups
  8. NFF Conference (7th March 2012, SOAS, London)
    • No mention of NFM, RAF’s, SUDS, Green Reservoirs, etc
    • Nor the EA’s “Greening of Flood Risk Management” (above )
    • More to Flood risk than insurance and resilience ??
  9. Point v. Diffuse sources
    • Point-source pollution relatively easy; DWPA by culture and best practice, both more difficultLikewise attenuation:
    • DWAA still on the drawing board
  10. Open source v. proprietary modelling code
    • ownership; flexibility; economy
    • anuga; R2D
  11. Main river as listed conveyance structure as canals – regulated by local trusts briefed to deliver WFD good water by best practice



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